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Stardust and precious grains of wisdom
Av Annika Persson
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Hi! My name is Annika Persson, born and raised in a small village in the south of Sweden in 1972. For as long as I can remember, three things have always been constant in my life, no matter all the other circumstances: I have always had a restless soul and have had a hard time staying in one place too long. A vagabond of sorts. I have always painted, drawn, doodled, or written. It´s a passion and a need.
And the inspiration to do all that, no matter where I have found myself, has always been my curiosity about the spiritual aspects of things, the mysteries of life and death and everything in between. «Who are we?», «Where do we come from?», and «What on earth is the whole point of us coming here?!». I have a Bachelor degree in Religious Science and I DID find a few answers at the university, but the main lesson was probably: the more you learn, the more you realize that you don´t know. So the quest continues...
I used to call myself a symbol painter, and I have been called a surrealist and a naivist, but in the end it doesn't really matter: I paint and I write with my heart because that is what I do best, and by you reading this book, I hope I get to touch yours.

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